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Crown Point Financial, Inc.

So far, you've saved money for your immediate future. At best, no financial emergency will be bad enough to break the bank. However, it's now time to face a money savers greatest enemy - INFLATION.

To beat inflation, a well diversified portfolio that includes passive income producing rental properties can help you achieve the financial security and monthly income you'll need. In fact, it may be your best chance to retain and grow your wealth for many years to come.

​​Why rental Properties?

Commercial rental properties are not just a one time profit, instead they give you steady passive cash flow and the ability to pad your bank account over a long period of time. 

With a sky rocketing economy and the stock market at all time highs, savvy investors are now diversifying their portfolios into commercial rental properties that produce LONG TERM PASSIVE INCOME.

Crown Point Financial, Inc. is a Private  Commercial Real Estate Investment Company that selects, evaluates and acquires multiple Mobile Home Parks  located in the USA.

The Company intends to build a diversified portfolio of lower risk, high cash flowing  Mobile Home Parks that generate long term steady monthly income and equity growth.

The Company's investment strategy is to identify and acquire under-valued, under-preforming and under-capitalized mobile home parks, make value added improvements and re-brand them as "Affordable Housing Communities"

Mobile Home Parks have become a highly prized and desirable real estate investment over the past several years while providing a much needed affordable housing solution for millions of Americans.